The New Major Party

for the United States

We represent the voice of the majority. We are building in every state across this country, with a strong central party organization that supports a true 50+ state strategy. We represent people from every walk of life and every heritage, united around fiscally sound, socially responsible policy.


A united voice

for those who have been too long denied access, basic rights, and the opportunity to participate in their own democratic process. We represent a diverse coalition pledged to the basic ideal upon which this country was said to be founded upon. We will make these inalienable rights and truths a reality for all of us.

Why NPP?


Progressive candidates deserve to be supported by a party that believes in real progress and will help them participate in the democratic process. We will be there.


Our mission is to help educate voters and prospective volunteers in the polices we believe in that support all people, regardless or background, ethnic diversity, or net worth.  

Civic Leadership

Progressive leaders will represent their districts, not corporate donors. We will help fundamental change

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